Small Joys, over come with real life

Being a single parent is probably the hardest job ever. Even harder than just being a parent in a team of two. The scenario:

The boy and I finally get awesome front viewing of WoC at DCA (don’t know those acronyms…look it up. It’s simple). We are waiting for the show to start..I feel a tug..look down and hear “mommy, I have to go to the bathroom”. No prob, I’ll just turn to my husband like I’ve seen many other couples do, to have him take the boy….oh wait…I don’t have a husband…we are now going to lose our spot or he gets to hold it. He was torn, he didn’t want to leave our great spots…poor kid held it and we ended up leaving the show early anyway.

Freedom is not a word I get to see often.

But overall yesterday was a good Disney day. I actually got some photos that might go up on my walls. And walked in on a sneak peek of the new Ariel ride.






It’s quiet this morning. The boy is with the parents. Again, I don’t know what quiet is sometimes.


Any thoughts?

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