I knew I was having a boy 3 days after I found out I was pregnant..

In my family, among cousins and such, females out rank the males. It is rare for anyone to have a male in my family. Weird phenomon I know.

But the Good Lord saw it fit to give me a male to raise and rightly so. Raising a boy has allowed me to explore parts of my personality I never knew I had. Like my intense love for sports and being rowdy, like doing “boy things”.

Since going to Hockey games on a regular basis, I’ve learned that I LOVE sports and going to live sports events. My kid loves hockey and is learning how to play. It pushes the envelope with me to explore what I never would have known raising a female. I enjoy it immensely. I LOVE going to hockey games with my kid. It’s our time. My time with my offspring. I love it.

Now, another reason, the main reason why I think that God gave me a boy, not a girl, is that I would have had a rough and rockey relationship with her, I believe. I had a rough and rocky relationship with my own mother and still do to this day. Her and I clash, like two magnetic opposites. The way I think and the way she thinks are no where the same and yet, we share direct blood. It will always blow my mind.

I LOVE my boy! :)


Any thoughts?

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