Satan knows what my weaknesses are…

I made a big mistake recently. I gave in to Satan and sin. I pray that God can forgive me….once again.

I know that God was unhappy with me because, the health issues came up again, just days after falling back into one sinful act. The anxiety attacks and hearts flutterings came back full force. It could have been my guilty conscience knowing that I made God turn away from me. I felt like Adam and Eve…naked in the Garden of Eden, ashamed of their nakedness.

Now I only hope God does forgive me and doesn’t make me really regret one weak moment….I’ll get back to you on or around January 22nd about that subject.

God is a forgiving and a merciful God and knows we are human and that Satan puts up a GOOD fight to bring us down. I faltered…I want my seat next to the Lord back. I will turn away from sin.

I just have to keep remembering this….


Any thoughts?

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