This…is why I keep my distance… Edit

So, last night I told my mother of my Seaworld trip and how excited I was…..guess what kind of response I got from her…. “why can’t your father and I go” and “you can’t go alone” . I try to explain that this is my annual trip for just the boy and me but that wasn’t cutting it. I decided to let her rant, in public and I just sat there. My sister was not to amused with her attitude as well and….oh miracle of miracles….my sister was actually on my side.

And my mother wonders why I am detaching from her. These statements even got my kid a bit down as he is super excited to.

The woman is so over worked caring for my senile father and refuses to get help for her insomnia that she gets barely 1-2 hours of sleep a night. She really is a bear to be around sometimes because of her lack of sleep.  We were having a dinner out last night for a school fundraiser and she was scowling the whole time…complaining about the noise. Its frustrating and I always regret inviting her but know that if she found out I didn’t it would be worse for me.

I really try to keep my favors from her to a minimum because they come with such a heavy emotional price and I really just try to avoid her at all costs.

I am so excited about this Seaworld trip mostly because I get to bring my camera and get amazing photos! I think she is jealous that I am taking trips like this because she is stuck at home with a man who wants to do nothing. She was young once and traveled every year to tons of places, I remember those trips.

I’m just done with the negativity and I leave it at that.


Any thoughts?

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