Being the Middle Sister

So my older sister (she lives in Montana) will be in Vegas in June and my younger sister wants us to meet up with her there….

What does the “Middle Sister” say?

Well, as the always over looked and ignored Middle Sister, I say I guess. Then they say, mom and dad are going to watch the boy, we are going to club and drink and party….

Uh…Middle Sister says: “no thanks…been there, done that, have the divorce to prove it.”

Besides, that is not my thing anymore, if it ever was. I actually don’t like going to Vegas, especially with the boy. And here is why:

One can’t even walk the strip anymore and take in the sights without some illegal handing you a flyer of a almost naked chick. The last time I went, a few years back, I had the boy with me and he could see them all on the ground and such. I said never again.

What is sad is that I do like to take my camera to photograph the Bellagio Fountains, but I can’t with the boy because those flyer people are there to, shoving the flyers in your face. Ridiculous.

So I actually do not like that Vegas is where a sister reunion is ending up being. And sometimes, I wonder at my sister’s….or maybe I’m just always the odd one out. I am guessing the latter simply because, that is just how its always been. Or maybe that’s just how I have always felt.

P.S. Yes, there is an actual Wine company called “Middle Sister”  Moscato is my favorite.


Any thoughts?

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