I’m moving…

But just moving to a different unit in the same apartment complex. I want an upstairs unit so that I can open up the windows at night during the summer. And I want a non-smoking building because I can’t take the smoke coming into my slider when my neighbors goes onto her porch to smoke. And I’m hoping that I can now open my slider and not have the cat try to open the screen and get out…if he walks out onto the balcony…he can’t run away. Unless he jumps 10 feet to the ground…we shall see how brave he is.

And I’m losing a bathroom, which is fine by me because cleaning two bathrooms doesn’t work for me anymore.

This should happen by mid-April. I am on the list for the first available upstairs, 2bed/1bath, non smoking building that comes available. But packing will start now and I’ll have to change my address and utilities. But for the most part, I hope for it to be a smooth transfer since I will be basically moving only feet from where I am now.


One thought on “I’m moving…

  1. Good for you! Cleaning up the neighbors, enjoying the outdoors, and generally improving your life/well-being. Well done!

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