So the Oscars last night was pretty entertaining. I normally don’t like Seth McFarlane’s type of humor and it showed a bit through some of his jokes but for the most part, he did very well. He is very talented. And I loved the dancing segment with did with Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I think it was Joseph Gordon-Levitt…)

I’m glad Quentin got his Oscar for Django Unchained and Christopher Waltz deserved his Oscar to. Still…I’m VERY upset that my Leo barely got a “thanks” from Quentin. No one else mentioned him but at least Quentin did.

And look at Argo…blowing Lincoln out of the water! Lincoln really didn’t get to many Oscars and that was surprising.

As I said before…Brave REALLY surprised me as I was sure Wreck it Ralph had it.

And Jennifer Lawrence, fell while going up the steps to the stage to get her Oscar…oops! But her dress was ridiculously long and puffy at the bottom…I’m not surprised she did.

And I’m still trying to figure out what the point of the First Lady annoucing the Best Movie winner was…political or Hollywood? Meh either way..her dress was really pretty.

And I hope that Anne Hathaway eats now…she really needs to bulk up a bit. To Skinny.


Any thoughts?

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