I had to see it to believe it…

I guess I will document what I found to be Disney sliding down its slippery slope of decline.

At my last Saturday visit to the parks, I had fast passes for 10:00 Indiana Jones.

I was in line to show my fast pass when a couple slid by us, a couple in front of me and a few others and then slid by the Cast Member checking fast pass times. They walk up the ramp to the top, just in front of me, where the second Cast Member is taking Fast Passes. When this CM asks for their fast passes this couple did not have a fast pass. Well that is because, they never showed it to the first CM and got past her.

So, the guy in this couple pretends to not know English and not even know what a fast pass is (how are you at Disneyland all day and not know what a Fast Pass is? Even if they were AP’ers, everyone knows what a Fast Pass is.). The CM asks him to look for it, he looks, more like faking to look, in his wallet and nothing, of course.

The CM, shrugs and just lets them go by. Let me repeat that, a DISNEYLAND CAST MEMBER AT INDIANA JONES let a couple cut a 40 minute line just because they faked not knowing English and this CM just didn’t want to deal with the issue. If she didn’t want to hold up the line anymore, she could have asked them to move aside, then called the lead.

I tell her as she takes my fast pass that the couple did not have fast passes and that they skirted past the CM at the front. She shrugs.

I tell the next CM I see about the incident and point out the couple…he basically shrugs it off.

I tell a third CM at the loading area about the incident and point the couple out again and not only does she shrug it off but laughs about it.

Finally, at the exit of the ride, I catch a lead CM and tell him. Not only did he shrug it off, laugh and then say “it happens” but hey, he did say sorry. (WTF?!)

I’ve read about the decline of Disney and how rules are no longer being administered but have never seen it first hand, until last Saturday.

I will now be taking my money, free time and amusement park trips to Universal, where I got a year pass this past Christmas and be utilizing it often. Or just find other types of adventures. I’m excited about Sea World and now that I have my camera there are tons of places waiting to be photographed!

Will I still frequent Disney? Of course, my pass expires in August. Will I renew? That would have to be no. The Disney of 2004, when I got my first Annual Pass is NOT the same Disney of today, not even close.

Disney is shaming Walt’s dream by allowing the cheats of this world to win.


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