I’m obese…

Yes, I have decided to just flat out say this out in the open.

I. am. fat.

I fucking hate it. I hate that fast food tempts me around every street corner. I hate that I can’t breathe after going  up stairs. I hate that my kid looks at me as fat.

I got on a scale yesterday after not being on one in almost a year and the number told me 243.


That is all I thought. Then, my thoughts went to, when did I go from 142 to 243? Of course, I was 142 when I was 17 years old (20 years ago).

I can’t let this happen. I can’t let it win! Satan wants me to be fat! He wants me to shovel that cheeseburger in my mouth and  sit and watch my kid play Just Dance when I should get up and move myself! I hate you Satan.

But I have free will…and food is my addiction.




3 thoughts on “I’m obese…

  1. Hi, I am overweight too and that is mostly because of my bad eating habits. If you are staying in US, then its a bit different…I’ve read some place that research is being done to make fast food (and ice creams and chocolates) more “addictive”. So you can’t always blame yourself for the extra craving.
    Once a doctor told me, going to the gym is the last step in losing weight. The first is having the intent, second is to have the right diet (not cut down totally) and then exercise.
    I am sure you’ll lose weight if you try…all the best 🙂

    • Thanks for the reply Moishots…. and I will say I don’t usually cuss as I noticed I dropped some F-bombs in that entry 😛
      I totally believe about fast food being made to be addictive…its so hard to pass by a McD’s and not stop in!

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