Universal and Lush…weee!!

I went to Universal yesterday and had a FANTASTIC time! All I have to say is that Universal trips will definitely be out-weighing Disneyland trips in the year 2013.

At Universal City Walk, after our lunch at Bubba Gumps, we stopped by a store called Lush and I ended up getting sold a bottle of shampoo and conditioner by the best sales girl ever….no one can sell me anything! She looked at my hair and I told her about the horrible static in it lately and its just blegh. She offered me this, Cynthia Sylvia Stout. Apparently, its made of beer and lemon which gives hair weight and shine. Mkay, then she offered me Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner (I was sold after I heard the name). She was about to sell me a hair moisturizer called Henna Fluff but I had to stop there, this stuff wasn’t cheap. But honestly, my hair is my best feature and I haven’t been treating it well. It deserves some expensive stuff.

So I used it  last night…wow…my hair is fantastic! Like seriously, phenomenal. I wonder if I doused it in Sam Adams it would be this way. My head smelled like beer after the second shampoo but the conditioner smells like honey suckles and jasmine. Its great!

I had their website, will make an account and keep my supply stocked!

As for Universal, I forsee many many more trips out there in 2013. I got some GREAT photos. Here are a few of the best:


Any thoughts?

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