My fight for a better me…..

This fight has begun.

I was a little apprehensive about stating out loud and in public my current weight but it got me thinking….it must STOP!

Granted…I actually don’t look as much as the numbers say. I never have. When I was 142..I actually looked so skinny people thought I was SICK! But I had lost alot of weight to get down to 142 so everyone was used to seeing me bigger. Of course I was 17 when I was 142. But that is neither here nor there.

I finally got back my Just Dance 3 from my sister yesterday. I do have Just Dance 4 but I really haven’t made friends with it. I do love the Wii Sport. Tennis is my favorite. But according to the Wii Sports training…I play tennis like a 62 year old…WTF! and LOL.

But I’m glad to get my Just Dance 3 back. I liked the songs and the workout was great! I liked the Work out calendar it has to. Tons of fun! Perfect for the gamer in me….and the gamer that will stay in me no matter how old I am….

Yeah that’s right! I’m 36 and I play World of Warcraft! Bite me! Ha Just kidding 🙂

OH and I shouldn’t have had that Pollo Bowl last night…but it was a better choice than a McD’s cheeseburger..right?


Any thoughts?

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