Ontario Reign…GOAL!!!!

So I have yet to mention that the boy and I have been frequenting Ontario Reign Hockey games since last October.

Now, first of all, my family was not a sports kinda family. My father didn’t watch Monday night football everyweek nor did he play golf. We barely got to a few baseball games maybe once a year. So therefore, I was never really a sports kinda person. I mean I played Varsity volleyball in high school but sports, in and of itself, was never encouraged. Not much was encouraged actually, neither sports nor schooling but…that is something for another post.

So, to actually have a son (in a family full of women….yes…the drama ran amok!)….it has been a whole new experience for me. Its been a road of Monster Trucks (yup…I’ve been to one of those events) and WWE (Yup..I’ve been to one of those events to).

So introducing Hockey into the picture wasn’t surprising to me. What WAS surprising was how much I ended up LOVING the sport!


So glass seats were our place last night for a rather dull game up until the last 3 minutes when Reign scored 4 goals in a row! Fun times for the crowd! And made up for the 3 perios of blegh playing.  And the boy got two shirts thrown at him for the shirt toss.

But what is even better about the introduction to hockey to the boy is that he is really going to play it. He started skating lesson in December and just got his first pair of custom made hockey skates this week. I was a bit worried about getting him into an activity that he would enjoy doing. He was in soccor for a while but really didn’t like it.  I was about to try baseball with him but then hockey stepped into the picture and that was it.

I hope next season to get some tickets to the Kings. It was hard for me once their season finally started. Those poor fans were robbed 😦

Now, the part I play, is in about 10 or 15 years when I see my baby boy pummeled up against the wall like these guys get pummelled and resisting the urge to not run onto that ice and start fighting myself!


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