Something just isn’t right….

One of the things that would get me weirded out the most is seeing things, items, places, or scenaries that are just not right.

Case in point, The Walking Dead. I like that show a lot. I do NOT like zombie/horror/scary/thriller types of movies. I can’t do them, never had been able to. However, that show, caught me the moment I started watching. I huddled and shivered over the first few scenes with the Walkers but…now its nothing as we close up Season 3 of that show.

Continuing, in that show, for instance, there is a lot of emptiness. Empty towns, empty metropolis cities. Its bizarre for me to see! It made me think of some place Disneyland, just being empty. Not empty like everyone has gone home for the day and only a handful of after hour workers are there. I mean its 2pm on a Sunday afternoon and NO ONE is in there.

Where is everybody! Weird.

Another thing that weirds me out is bodies of water…that are not supposed to be there. Case in point, Hurricane Sandy. It produced a lot of photos where water…just wasn’t where it should be. That weirds me out!

new-york-hurricane-sandy-flooding-subway hurricane-sandy-subway-flooding-537x373

What I’m trying to say is, in a zombie apocalypse, is it better to be in the city full of people…or on a farm in the middle of no where in mid-town USA?

Ah HA didn’t think I was going there with this, did you! But I would choose Minnesota. I suspect Zombies can’t survive in the cold….


One thought on “Something just isn’t right….

  1. At the very least I bet they’d be significantly slowed down! Hehe. I’d pick a metropolitan area just for the access to plenty of guns, ammo, crossbows, arrows, food, and of course the ever important booze. lol

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