So today…I start the packing and cleaning…


My plan is to start in my master bathroom, clean it from top to bottom because there is hair on the ceiling of the shower. Now I know my hair is long and to be honest, I am NOT a dirty housekeeper and keep things super neat and clean so how in the WORLD does hair get on my shower ceiling? It’s  my super talent I guess.

Anyway, I will be cleaning my master bathroom and from here until the move I will be functioning in the guest bathroom. Once its clean…it will not be used!

Then if I get that done tonight, I move onto the kitchen. As I was making breakfast this morning, (eggs and bacon if anyone is curious), I noticed that I have two sets of dinner ware. That is way to much for  a family of two, so out one goes!

Moving really does help clean out the cobwebs and I just don’t mean the ones the spiders make.

But I’m glad to have one bathroom to have to clean after 2 years of having to clean two. I can now have my one Mickey Mouse themed bathroom. I’m on Bed  Bath and Beyond to get this

I already have the color coordinated towels and bath rug to match Mickey colors…

Its now 9:30 pm and wow…I totally intended to have had my bathroom packed and cleaned up by this time…and it didn’t happen. Why do I do this to myself!


Any thoughts?

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