Earthquake anyone?

Earthquake Anyone?

It’s funny how a small shake of the earth brings on conversations about how one survived the earthquake of [insert devastating earthquakes’ year here].

I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life. My first earthquake was at age, 13, I think it was 13. It was the Northridge quake (again, if my memory is serving me correctly, which it may not be). Pretty scary stuff to just have the ground start to move and you aren’t moving. Or things fly off the wall….

But now, being through enough big and little tremors, I kinda laugh at how I see people react. Thank the STARS that my current co-workers don’t go ballistic and proclaim that they are going to die at the slightest tremor. I used to work with a woman who, if even the slightest shake was apparent, would climb under her desk and stay there, bawling about how she was going to die. No joke.

Those are the types of people I DON’T want in my survival group when the zombie apocalypse hits. Nope. Those are the types of people, that get eaten first.

Anyway, I hope everyone who felt it enjoyed the ground shaking!


Any thoughts?

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