“We have a great little family….”

So…I’m going to Tarantino this post.

What caused my son to say: “We have a great little family”?

Let’s go back….Let’s go back….

So I’ve been super stressed the past few weeks and its been building up. Yesterday, was some of the icing on the cake. I say some because I’m sure more overwhelming events will be in the near future, until I reach the middle of April when all this dust will have settled and I’m preparing or already fully engulfed in, my next raging battle.

Yesterday, I was finding out that this move from one unit in my apartment complex to another is coming out to be pretty darned expensive. But I should be able to squeak by, barely, hopefully.

So last night, looking around my moving box filled house and the mess my kitchen is with all my dishes, tupperware and glasses waiting to be packed, all over the counter, and I realize, I do not want to cook anything tonight.

“Son, wrap up the cat and let’s go to Sonic”

That is what I said and that means we are taking the cat for a joy ride


Or just going to Sonic and grabbing a bite while he meows in the back because he thinks I’m going to throw him out the sun roof.

I also got some errands done like dropping 2 boxes and two bags off at the Goodwill. The whole time having a meowing cat in the car while the boy tries to pet him calmly.

After errands, we pull up to the Sonic. We place our order, get it and eat…while the cat stares at us from the middle console between me and the boy.

That is when the boy says: “We have a great little family?”

Why yes, yes I guess we do. It was at that moment, for about 2.5 seconds I realized, I had no overwhelming worries, I had no financial problems or loneliness problems….I had a “great little family?”

In that aspect….I win!

BOOM!!! Ok…enough to see here..back to the reality that is work, financial stress, moving which is causing the financial stress as of late, and the frustrations of the California School Systems….


3 thoughts on ““We have a great little family….”

    • Booyah! Tru dat! If it weren’t for those oh so few moments of clarity…I would have been sent to the nutty bin a long time ago!

  1. Lovely! I just wait for those moments — Calm me right down and bring me back to why I wanted a family in the first place!

Any thoughts?

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