“I kicked the cat in the head…..”

“I kicked the cat in the head…..”

We are going to Tarantino this again….

What made the boy say the above?

Let’s go back…Let’s go back…

The boy normally sleeps pretty hard and well through the night. He can be in bed at 8pm and not wake up until 7am the next day. He’s a good sleeper, like his mama.

But there are some nights when he does wake up from a dream and wanders over to my bed for comforting that I will never deny. He did just this last night.

SO this morning, I get up and go about my normal routine. I come back into my room and the boy is sitting up apologizing profusely to the cat.

The Boy: “I’m so sorry that I kicked you in the head”

Cat: “meow”

The Boy: “Mommy, I kicked the cat in the head alot with my Mickey Mouse Slippers

Me: “I can believe it. I kick him all the time but you know what? He doesn’t move and chooses to sleep where the humans’ feet are so he is fine with it. If he didn’t like it, he would move.”

That seemed to soothe the boy’s over whelming guilty conscience. Yet it somehow increased mine, as I know I must kick the cat every night, but that is where he chooses to sleep!


One thought on ““I kicked the cat in the head…..”

  1. My mom has those shoes and she kicked me once in the head. It happens… especially with the size of mom’s boats but don’t tell her that – snort. Mom loves Disney too. XOXO – Bacon

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