And Baby Shamu Says…….

Mini Vaca…

Now the truth of it all…oh no toes to step on here.

In all honesty, I had a good time. The Sea World team members were all fantastic and super nice and friendly. In reality a lot more so than what I have seen in the Disney Parks lately.

The boy got to ride his first rollercoaster, Manta. And he official does not like rollercoasters.! SERIOUSLY! I do not BELIEVE this child came out of me, I am such a rollercoast junkie! Blegh….

But that is neither here nor there.

Here is my favorite photo of day:

Baby Shamu

Who doesn’t love a new 500 pound baby killer whale that can eat you in one swallow….awww…..


But it was all great. I got to dine with Shamu, sitting just feet from these huge beauties.  It really does leave one in awe. I encountered very few rude humans throughout the day which was a nice change. The Pets Rule show was my favorite show next to Shamu because who doesn’t love cats tight rope walking and leaping from high places!

Here is the Flickr Set of all the photos



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