Moving check list getting finished!

And the light at the end of the nightmare is starting to become more visable!

I spent my whole lunch hour calling 4 different utilities and my Allstate Agent (renters insurance policy) to transfer services.

I think I give Southern California Edison and Verizon a close tie for the most smooth transition but Verizon may push into first with their deal.

S. Cali Edison let me use the same account number and  basically nothing changes on my end.

Verizon got me $10 off my internet service and half off my HBO compared to what I’m paying now! So I’m happy.

Most annoying was Gas Co. They didn’t let me keep my old account number and are charging me $25 for end and starting service! BOOOO!!

And luckily the trash/sewer/water company is taken care of through the leasing office so I don’t have to worry about that.

But that is something to check off my list.  And my Allstate agent is working on the new policy for my Renters insurance so that is getting settled.

I get the keys to the new place on Monday yay!

It is beginning to look like the dust is settling. And when that does, all I have to do is catch up on a late car payment and whatever charges and bill combinations I’ll be getting with these utilities.



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