Sad news today…

I wake up this morning to about 5 missed calls and 2 text messages from my sister. I panic. Of course my cell phone was on silent so that is why it didn’t ring.

I call her back and she tells me that my mother’s half sister, who lives up in Washington, was in a car accident yesterday and didn’t survive.

So this was my Aunt. She got really sick a few years ago and her heart stopped twice then but she survived. She JUST got re-married to her ex husband and they were both really happy.

My mother wasn’t doing to good yesterday as her other sister, also in Washington, was the one to call her and tell her.  The thing is, this happened in the morning yesterday, yet her husband wasn’t told until 8pm that night and her children were calling everyone trying to find out what was going on after she didn’t come home from work around 6pm.

Its unbelievable how life is. The cliche happened. This made me step back and think.

How can we step back and smell the roses and slow down when this world forces us to move so fast. We are late for work or something and we are rushing, not just in cars but always on our phones or some electronic. Now i have nothing against electronics, just sometimes they can hinder what they are supposed to help. But I do love my camera. So its a love hate thing.

But I know one thing I will always regret. Not choosing my mate wisely so that I was forced to be a single mother and HAVE, not want, HAVE to work, therefore missing pretty much 80% of the boy’s life.

I hate it.


3 thoughts on “Sad news today…

  1. This is why, after the experiment of uninstalling FB from my phone, I’m keeping it off. That way the time I DO get to spend with my son is going to be much better quality time. I have slipped past the compulsion to load up FB and check for ‘updates’ that, frankly, aren’t as important or present in my reality like my son should be, and now is. Tough times like these do make us pause to reflect, and that’s a good thing. I’m saddened to hear about your loss. *hugs*

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