“What is that?”

We are going to Tarantino it again.

What is THAT?!”

What made the boy say the above….

Let’s go back…..Let’s go back….

I went to a wedding tonight. Just your typical “I do” and “I do” wedding. So we get to the part where we all get up and head over to the reception. Its in a nice banquet room at a hotel. Tables are wonderfully displayed with beautiful center pieces.

Then we see them all around the table. These strange rectangular shaped boxes with little windows and buttons….

The Boy: “What is THAT?!?!

What was it you ask…well it was this:


Disposable cameras were strategically placed all over the tables. Nothing unusual as this is a normal wedding reception custom.

However, my 9 year old son has NEVER seen nor used a disposable camera. He has only used the cell phone or my Canon DSLR.

I found this statement from him to truly be a generational gap hoot!


2 thoughts on ““What is that?”

  1. Wow! That’s pretty crazy huh? The things we just take for granted, are foreign objects to our kids! 🙂
    He can probably find his way around a computer pretty good too, I would imagine!
    I’m enjoying your blog – thanks for visiting mine!
    Hope you have a great week!

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