There is a time for backing down……

The Bible says that there is a time for everything.

At this moment, my time has come to reel in the aggression, back down and be the better person. I admit fault in allowing my anger, even through typed word, to seep out. I will also admit to being human and only being able to have a limited amount of patience when dealing with so much. However each situation that pushes my patience, only makes it stronger.

I have created this little place in the world to vent, laugh, share, learn and contemplate my existence. I will continue to do all of this because that cocktail of emotions is what we call Life.

Did I learn from this recent chain of unfortunate events? Of course, I did. That is also called, Life.

So let’s start this again, move on and I will be the better person and not cause anymore trouble…

Go me!


Any thoughts?

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