“Today, I got a Citation…”

We are going to Tarantino this….

What made The Boy say:

“Today, I got a Citation…..”

Let’s go back…Let’s go back….

So around 4pm. I started to develop a headache. Along with nausea, and just being all around tired. It has been a busy weekend and I still have alot of moving ahead of me, just laying heavy on my shoulders.

I pick up The Boy at after school care and, as is the norm, I go to sign him out. He is sitting in the “time out” chair and I think “fantastic….”. He gets out of the chair and walks up to me with a sad, but kinda wierd smiley face and says this:

The Boy: “Today, I got a Citation and pulled three cards.”

I’m flabergasted because I’m wondering, a) why I wasn’t called about the citation and b) just what the HELL is wrong with him!

Then the laughs came and he says “April Fool’s”

Ha…ha…my kid the prankster. You know, I’ve hated April 1st since the day I realized what shenanagins and goings on happen that day and now, my kid is now jumping on the band wagon.

I had to laugh and I let him play Club Penguin after his homework because he did get it all done in a record time.

But I couldn’t help but laugh…


Any thoughts?

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