Ontario Reign Fight for the Kelly Cup

I’m telling you, sometimes, I feel like the person I was 15 years ago is no where NEAR the same human I am now. The woman I was 15 years ago would NEVER have thought of ever going to a hockey game. Well look at me me now!

I was able to snag some tickets to attend Game 2 of the Fight for the Kelly Cup. Ontario Reign (that is Ontario, California, not Canada) vs. Utah Grizzlies. I’ve been going to Ontario Reign games since the season started in October. It was then that The Boy instantly fell in love and demanded skating/hockey lessons. Those lessons commenced very soon after our first game.

Note: The games I go to are ECHL not NHL. I haven’t been able to get to an NHL game yet. Maybe next year.

Tonight’s game was fun! Score was 7-2 Reign! I’ve been going to these games since last October and it is like a whole other world has opened up. I’m learning so much about the game. And of course, The Boy has just about perfecting his skating skills and will most likely be moving onto hockey lessons next month.

At tonight’s game, we has ice seats. No zoom needed for these photos! (Click photos to enlarge)

Click to Enlarge

Right in front of me

Plenty of Mascots were around. I’ve grown to love this Dragon. His name is Blaze and he sometimes enjoys my Duffy the Disney Bear for dinner!

Blaze thinks Duffy is a snack! Put the Bear down slowly….and no body gets hurt!

They like to come down and bang on the  glass

And shake hands with fans



Goalie action

Lots of contact

And there was definitely some fighting….

But in the end, Ontario Reign Wins!

Sure, we got home late and The Boy went to bed 1 1/2 hours past bed time but we had FUN! We always do! I will be sad to see the season end.

But thank you, Ontario Reign, for helping my son grow a love for hockey and feeding that love. I hope he gets to play on your team in 10 years!


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