The check is in the mail…

A call from a bill collector, sent me into a whirlwind of flash backs.

Because of this move from one apartment to another, I have had to put a few bills on the back burner to be able to have enough for the deposit on the new apartment and such.

So of course, the loan company for my car was the first to call. Well, I really have no other bills other than rent, utilities and my car payment.  my car payment is only 2 weeks late.

My pre-bankruptcy days returned to me in full force flash backs and my heart fell into my stomach.

Before I continue, yes, I did file a BK. Being a single mother and, at one time, out of work, was a perfect combination for getting so far into a hole, there was no way of getting out. So, yes, I did BK. All judgment can be left at the door because it saved me from driving my car off a cliff and meeting Jesus to soon!

Anyway, I almost forgot how rude collections can be. How heartless and cold they can be, especially over the phone. I calmly and rather politely told this lady, Sylvia, that the check was in the mail. It wasn’t a cliché. I do plan on placing a check for the full amount and any late fees due, in the mail on Saturday, well maybe Monday, but I will do it!

And on another side note, I send paper checks for my car payments because I refuse to be charged a fee to have the ability to pay online. I do not understand what that fee is for as I am interacting with no one. Hence, even my regular payments get sent through snail mail and I just time them appropriately.

Moveing on, the rudeness and demands of how I MUST pay over the phone was unbelievable. I told her that I can’t pay her with money that I do not have and she continued with her arguments on how I can which I just couldn’t  understand because unless she was going to fund me money to pay for a car payment that was only 2 weeks late, it wasn’t getting done over the phone, at that very moment.

I ended it with “the check is in the mail” and hung up.

It is though, or will be by Monday. I actually have this all planned out and will be transferring monies from a small little savings I have been able to collect since I was blessed with a much higher paying job last year, in June. I’m still waiting for that transferred money to end its trip, at my checking account.

So if this “Sylvia” can keep her panties out of a bunch for another 4 days, I would be grateful.


Any thoughts?

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