Things found in my purse….

I got to thinking about all the things that end up in my purse. I have a Nine & Co. bag. It looks almost identical to what is pictured below. However, there is no logo on the front and no tassle.


It was given to me by my mother for Christmas. Actually, all my purses are given to me. I have never been a real handbag guru so I won’t spend much on a purse for myself.

According to this Handbag entry in Wiki:

Early modern Europeans wore purses for one purpose, to carry coins.”

Photo Found from Wikipedia…

Of course, I assume that purses or handbags were used way before the 1830’s. However, I have noticed as of lately, the larger my purse gets the more random items end up in it.

I then was prompted to do the daunting task of emptying out my purse and seeing exactly what was in there. What prompted me to do this was when I found 3 of a certain item that made me think “now that is better than having a kitchen sink in my purse!”

I would like to share the oddities that I found. Some are not so odd items and some items, well it lead me to believe my life is all over the place.

I’ve made this user friendly reference photo to share with the world the items that I found in my purse today. These are all Rated G items and I did not “plant” these items here for show nor did I remove anything. I simply dumped my purse on the table and actually got a laugh at what I found.

NOTE: This photo is flipped backwards. Hence why the words on the items are spelled backwards. I took the photo with my cell phone and apparently, I did it upside down. Go me!


Note: Along with everything listed below, after I took the photo, I did find three packs of different brands of gum and another crayon, just for the record.

1. Mickey Faced wallet – Just your average wallet which has the face of Mickey Mouse. It holds one bank card, many “buy 5 get the 6th free” type cards, my Ralphs and Vons rewards cards and a check book. It hardly ever carries that thing called “cash”. What is that?!

2. Bible  x 2 – Just in case I need to beat someone with it. No not really. The black one is The Boy’s when he attends Bible School while I’m in church and the other, Butterfly one is mine.

3. Orange Journal – I have no idea why that is in there. I think I have random scribblings in there but I think it’s way to big.

4. Smaller Hummingbird Journal – Ah, that is more like it. Smaller, yet I can still scribble what I need.

5. Nail kits – The smaller one is actually really old but it has mini scissors that I have used on occassion. The Pink one was given to me as a Christmas gift and has a great pair of clippers that I use on The Boy when I can’t take his long fingernails anymore and he refuses to clip them himself.

6. Gloves (three pairs) – Because you know how desperately cold it gets here in Southern California *smirk*

Just inserting the photo again so you don’t have to keep scrolling up. I’m considerate like that 🙂

7. Angry Birds 3DS Game – “Mommy, I want to trade in my Angry Birds game for the new Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon game”.   As you can see, it never made it to the Game Stop.

8. 3DS – Ah yes, The Boy puts this in my purse before a trip to grandma’s and then it stays in my purse until it dies and I realize that it needs to be charged.

9. Pocket Calendar – This is one of FIVE calendars that I have. I try to have them all synchronized but that is hard since none of them are electronical.

10. Nail File – I’ve never used it. It says “mom” and was given to me by The Boy at Christmas.

11. Ear Buds – I could have sworn I had two of those in my purse. I guess one was devoured by the Loch-Purse Monster.

12. Hair Bands?!? – So THERE they all are! I bought a pack of 20 and they disappeared! Look I found em’!

13. Cosmetics – I have used about 1% of the items there. The spritz maybe twice I’ve used. I’ve never used the face blotters (the black folder looking thing) and the lip glosses….never. I use the chapstick more! I’m not a makeup person.Oh and in that one, there is a small lone blue crayon next to the spritz…I forgot to add that to my list.

14. Writing utensils – An array of pens and pencils. For when I’m scribbling in one of those two journals.


And one more time…wow was there alot of stuff in there!

15. Children’s Peptol Bismol Tabs – My mother got those because she claimed The Boy had heartburn all during the week she was watching him at one point. I put them in my bag, haven’t opened them since she gave them to me because, its funny, he never has these ailments when he is with me. Go.Figure

16. Various items – We have here, in no particular order:

a) Eyeglass cleaners (I hate wearing glasses. I live in a constant fog).

b) Wet Ones wipes (I have a kid, enough said).

c) Tickets from a raffle from one of the hockey games (I didn’t win).

d) 1 Box Top (yeah, gotta get that to the school pronto).

e) Carsland button given to The Boy at one of our last visits to Carsland, California Adventure (that thing poked me the other day when I reached into the abyss that was my purse. I’m surprised I didn’t kill it).

17. Keys – They are my car keys – along with house keys, mailbox key, sisters house key and parents house key. Also attached are various savers cards to places like Petsmart, Panera Bread and Gamestop. I like variety!

18. A Calcualtor – Don’t we use our cell phones for that now? I tossed it. R.I.P. (it didn’t work anyway).

19. Coin Purse – I have no where in that big Mickey Faced wallet to put my coins so I got this two Christmas’s ago in my stocking. I deemed it the official coin purse. A “purse” within a “purse”, if you will.

20.  Sequined Mickey and Minnie phone holder – I got this last Christmas from my sister and I really like it. When I take The Boy out for a short evening trip to Disneyland, I put my I.D., Bank Card, and phone in this and that’s all I need. Sure beats carrying around the huge purse that all these items are in!

21. Hockey Tickets – these are from last nights ice seat game

22. Hockey Pucks – There are three shown here. The one on the left is an actual puck that was used on the ice at the game I went to last night (see #21 Hockey Tickets). The one next to that on the right is a stress squishy type one that they handed out after we left a game last week. The little tiny one in the middle is a Build a Bear toy puck that went with the Hockey outfit that I got our Duffy the Disney Bear. It kept getting lost so I put it in the pocket of my purse. That was 2 months ago 🙂

Closer look at the various Hockey Pucks found in my purse.

Closer look at the various Hockey Pucks found in my purse.

It was seeing these hockey pucks, in their different variety and sizes, that made me think, this is something to document. How many of you ladies can say that you had not one, not TWO, BUT THREE different types of hockey pucks in your purse? I think I win!

And there you have it. That was the journey into my bag. Now please, place your tray tables back in their upright positions and keep your hands, feet and legs inside the car at all times.

What’s in your purse?


6 thoughts on “Things found in my purse….

  1. I can’t help wondering: how did you manage to get three pairs of gloves in your bag, seeing as how you’re in Southern California? The three hockey pucks make more sense, I think? 😀

    • I know right? I think I brought them for the hockey games as it gets cold sitting in ice seats and they just stayed in my purse. Or they were from the winter and they just stayed in my purse! As of right now, I only have one pair in my purse.

  2. This is IMPRESSIVE! I usually have a multiple array of punch cards to the coffee shop floating around my wallet, and the problem is I keep forgetting to give them to the girl to punch so I have like 10 different cards with different amount of punches on them. Well…someday I’ll get the free coffee! If I ever get stranded on a deserted island…I want it to be with you. As long as you have your purse…we will be just fine. 😉

    • LOL I will admit, most of those items are in my current purse, except maybe the hockey pucks.

      If the punch cards are all from the same place, just bring them all in and show it to them. Most of the time, they will combine the punches on the cards and you can get your free item and they will just punch a new card for whatever punches are left.

      That whole sentence sounded funny and made me laugh! But I do this all the time at Coldstone’s.

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