Learn from your Bagels…

Ah, the lovely carb that captures us all, The Bagel. I actually love bagels and if I ever do give up carbs entirely, the bagel, I will not give up.

At my place of employment, there are usually bagels at the coffee pot on Friday. Today is a Friday, and I was late to getting to the coffee pot this morning to snag a bagel. When I got there, they were all gone except for the one that is ALWAYS last. The unloved Poppy Seed bagel.

They all mock the Poppy Seed Bagel

I actually looked on the internet and searched the different varieties of bagels and the varieties span so wide I couldn’t cover them all.  It’s not just plain, sesame seed and onion anymore.  All of this, I’m sure you all know.

My point is, that every Friday, I notice the last bagel in the Noah’s Bagel box is the Poppy Seed bagel. I wondered, why is this?

Then, by default, after finally having the chance to get the last bagel which was the Poppy Seed bagel, I realized WHY it is never chosen.

Because of The Poppy Seeds

It’s like they are staring into your soul….

These things end up EVERYWHERE! Just to put cream cheese on this bagel was an Adventure in Swashbuckling a Poppy Seed as it seemed the Poppy Seeds knew their bagel had been chosen and they began to jump up and dance off the bagel and onto my desk, all over my keyboard, down my shirt (yup) and into my coffee.  For the record, they were found in all those places.

The Poppy Seed bagel is ALIVE, but I defeated it with a cream cheese knife and my appetite.


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