Time for the Disneyland fix

The Boy’s pass is blocked out on Saturdays from now until August. I only go Saturdays. I still think Disney should create a child’s Premium (no block out days) pass. So our visits are reduced to Friday evenings throughout the Summer.

So it’s a 3 hour evening visit to Disneyland tonight, just to squeeze it in and feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Although, once I get there dinner will have to be eaten and of course, got to get The Boy his Mickey Shaped Cookie which always costs 50 times more than any other candy on the planet.  I’m just praying he doesn’t ask for a toy, which he probably will with his big puppy dog eyes and there I am buying him something. God, that kid has me wrapped around his finger, and I love it.

I’m thinking Fast Passes for Indiana Jones, a quick ride on The Haunted Mansion and then park hopping to DCA to stand in line for Soarin’ and maybe check out the DJ at Mad T Party.

Somewhere in there The Boy will either not want to wait in line because he is as impatient as the wind and even though he promised me that he will let me ride The Haunted Mansion, he will chicken out because he hates those popping heads in the graveyard.  And being that I hate realizing he is scared of a kiddie ride, I will not argue, out of sheer embarrassment.

Or maybe he will let me catch a glimpse of the Fantasy Faire, which he says he is steering clear from because, well its all Princesses all the time and my boy is all boy all the time. But hey, they do have Flynn Ryder appearing with Rapunzel and *this* female (points to myself) loves her some Flynn Ryder…yummm.

How about you leave that blondie behind you for a real woman? (no disrespect Rapunzel)
Photo from disneyparks.disney.go.com

Ok, back on track. How glad was I to see Iron Man Tech Exhibit was coming to Innovations in Tomorrowland at Disneyland starting April 13th?! Finally! Something for my MALE child at Disneyland that doesn’t include a frilly princess in a sparkly dress or a gaggle of Fairies in bright colors. Yes yes, I know that they have the Jedi Academy and I’ve tried to get The Boy out in there and get his Jedi certificate but he refuses to do it. I think he is secretly afraid of fighting Darth Vader at the end of the session. The Force is not strong with The Boy.

And somewhere in there during the evening trip tonight, I can get some night photos of the parks. I’m dying to get some more Disney photos.


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