Depression almost won this battle….

But it’s a constant war.

The past few weeks I have not been feeling good.  

“are you tired, run down, and listless?"

“are you tired, run down, and listless?”

Why yes Lucy I am although I’m not sure a spoonful of Vitametavegamin will help….(one of my favorite episodes BTW). I had to insert some humor into this entry. But I am just plain exhausted.

It is mostly because of this move. The sadness that no one will help me move boxes, causing me to move them on my own, which I did and am done with thanks to a fantastic Boy who is my hero!  That kid is really turning out to be my best bud. I’m not longer the mother of a baby, toddler, or even little boy. He will be a tween soon enough.

I even got the “oh sorry, I’m to busy with school to help you” from my sister. Now, I understand, school can be tasking and take up a lot of time. However, if a loyal sister had enough time to spend a whole day watching Season 3 of The Walking Dead, a loyal sister can take 1 hour to help move boxes.

That one hurt me to the core as I realized, that my sister and I are just never going to be on the same page as I would have stopped all and made time to carve out an hour or two to help her. I’ve done it before, I am sad she couldn’t do that same.

Yesterday, I didn’t go to work. Mostly because I was exhausted, physically, which lead to mentally. I dropped The Boy off at school in the morning, came back home, watched Game of Thrones then slept from 9am until 2:30. I woke up in time to eat a little something, then pick up The Boy and was in bed at 10pm.



6 thoughts on “Depression almost won this battle….

  1. Yeah, that “no one can be bothered helping me” feeling can be rather depressing. I feel it myself from time to time….like when the family are sitting around playing computer games or watching TV etc and I’m cleaning the house, and the best they can offer is to move their feet so I can vacuum the floor underneath.

    • Exaclty. And what really kicks up my nerves is that if I did anything like that….wow would I get ripped a new one and be called selfish.
      My mother and sister tend to be those who can dish it out but sure can’t take it kind of people. Still, the fact that my sister couldn’t spend one hour helping me with boxes really did hurt because I thought we were past that kinda stuff. Guess not

      • I’m thankful that I don’t have that experience – being called selfish by family members. I get over this by telling myself that it’s just my role in life, and besides, I really don’t know what’s going on inside other people that causes their inertia. I suspect a deep down depression is the cause in at least one case.

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