The moving…is done! (and a shameless plug)

As of yesterday, I am moved completely out of my old apartment and fully into the new one.

The break down of this move, from the time I decided it, until now, was one of the most trying things I’ve done yet, as a single mother and pretty much on my own. After realizing that I was going to be pretty much on my own, I decided to just throw myself into it.

Saturday involved my cousin and his friend helping with the big items (dining table, hutch, two bed frames, two desks and a dresser) and wow did they come through! I’m very proud of them and wished I could have given them more money.

They did most of this themselves because I had a Verizon tech in the apartment and had to stay in there with him so I was unpacking just to keep busy. But I didn’t intend on being out of the moving process at all.

I sold my sofa the day before the move and just in time because I really didn’t want that ugly sofa anymore and I didn’t want them to have to move it. I’m buying a new one today.

My parents and sister did come over that day to help, I will admit this. However, my sister helped by taking The Boy for a hair cut not moving much of anything. I could have used her car for boxes when I moved almost 40 of them the Saturday before BUT, I’m used to this kind of thing.

Saturday night, after all moving was done, I had fully intended on showering and passing out, but just minutes before I was going to shower, I got a knock on the door. It was apartment maintenance saying there was a leak in the building and all water was being shut off. My shower would not happen.

I passed out.

Sunday, was shower first, then unpacking and getting food in the fridge. Done and done and done!

So now, I am in an upstairs unit. I have a large balcony where my patio furniture is going and where The Boy claims he will be eating all his dinners from here on out. We are down to one bathroom which he doesn’t like because now we have to share. And the bathroom itself is kind of really small.

My room shrunk a lot as well. I barely fit my full bed and desk in there. Before, I could fit the full bed and desk, side by side. Not now. And I HATE that the closet doors have mirrors. Great…so that when I get up first thing in the morning and I’m groggy and look over and see something staring back at me, I can have a nice “Good Morning” heart attack each morning until I realize its just my reflection. I look forward to that.

I believe I got a slightly bigger kitchen, or its an optical illusion because there is no bar blocking the view of kitchen and living room. But the dining room back wall shrunk.

And I finally have a dryer that dries. The other one would take 3 cycles to dry anything and that made for very long nights up waiting for laundry to dry.

I’ve also met alot of the neighbors. The people seem to be more friendly on this side of the apartment complex. Its a pretty big apartment community. There is a single mother below me with a boy just the same age as my boy. I met a woman with a barking chihuahua across the way from me. And I also met a woman and daughter who lives on the other side of the wall behind my kitchen.

The cat is still adjusting. He was a bit rattle from the new settings. Even though, the apartment looks JUST like the old one, minus a bathroom. But I’m sure to him it smells different. But he was acting a bit weird y esterday. Like hiding behind the fridge and meowing….I didn’t know where he was but I heard him. It was like he was in the 5th dimension or something….That one wierded me out a bit

5th Dimension Kitteh

He has found his perches up on the window sills and I believe he is enjoying being high up, where he can see it all. Also, he has not tried to escape by opening the screen door at all. Maybe its because he realizes there is no escape if he does get it open and gets out. Unless he wants to fall 15 to the ground. And as I told The Boy, if he is willing to do that, then he really hates us and we should all just move on. But I’m glad to report, he has not tried to escape and doesn’t hate us.

I was just happy to have had my internet and cable up and running (thanks Verizon tech who came out on Saturday to install it because I couldn’t install it all myself, because the apartment apparently rips out ALL cords from the boxes and walls and leave nothing for the next tenant to use). That means I was able to lay in my bed and watch Game of Thrones last night. VERY good episode BTW…..(last scene had me going “OH MY GOD ACK!)

And yes, Eeyore did help me move. In his own little way…..I  hope to get out to Disneyland on Friday night, to check out the Iron Man Exhibit.

Lastly, I would also suggest to any of  you who have small children or just read children’s books or just tell your friends and family and local libraries, to check out this children’s book at . This kids’ book was illustrated and written by two of my very talented relatives. They are very excited to have the book, just a few days ago, go live on Thanks!


2 thoughts on “The moving…is done! (and a shameless plug)

    • I can believe this. Although, I’ve moved many times before. I even made an impromptu move from S. California to Washington State all within days and the only casualty was my PS2 was stolen by the moving company. Even considering that, this recent move has taken more from me and it was just down to the other end of the community!

Any thoughts?

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