I turned in the keys and moved onto the next chapter in my life

During my lunch today, I drove to my leasing office and turned in my two apartment keys, mailbox key, pool key and workout room fob. I will get charged for the parking permit which I lost a while ago. Ah well.

On the way, a Busy Bee decided to join me for a short while.


FYI – there is a closed window between that bee and this non-zoomed cell phone photo. That is the only way I stayed calm.

I was trying to imagine what his poor little bee brain was thinking as the wind was threatening his hold on my window. For about 10 seconds, he held on tight. But alas, the wind blew him away.

Good Bye busy bee. May your flight lead you to the flower of your dreams.

I went into my old apartment one last time


It was bizarre for me to see it all empty.

For the past 2 years, this is where my son and I have lived, yelled, laughed, played video games, tickled the cat and it is where I created a home.

For 2 years I cooked meals in that kitchen and did thousands upon thousands of loads of laundry in that crappy apartment washer and dryer.

For many Sunday evenings, I would sit in that living room screaming at my TV as yet another person got eaten by a Walker and when my favorite character died in Downton Abbey.

Back in late February, I was tossing around the decision to transfer units to get an upstairs and get away from the couple above me who liked to be really loud during their sex-capades, even after being told by the leasing office to keep their sex noise down (after I complained, of course). After The Boy heard them one morning…my decision was made final.

*dear neighbor upstairs, My son really doesn’t need to hear you smacking your girlfriend’s ass multiple times and then the sound of her very loud “O” face. If you want to be loud with your dominatrix bedroom escapades, go buy a fucking house*


Then the moving process began and I was thrown into the worse month of my life which included moving, preparing for The Boy’s birthday and a Sea World weekend trip.

That is done and now, I say goodbye to an empty apartment that was my home for 2 years and hello to a new chapter and fresh new apartment.  Although it look EXACTLY the same as the old one, minus one bathroom.


5 thoughts on “I turned in the keys and moved onto the next chapter in my life

  1. Ha ha….in our first apartment we had neighbors who shook the walls when they were hooking up too! It made me crack up….they lived on the other side of the building so for the four years we lived there I never met them and I never found out what they looked like……..the girl would be really loud if you know what I mean…….I had forgotten about them until now

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