As the Walrus would say “The time has come…”


Yes, my friends.  The time has come.

In my family, which consists of myself and The Boy but also my parents and my sister, one thing has always been on our “discussion” table for the past 5 years.

That would be a move out of California.

This state has been on the downfall for a long time. It makes me sad because I have lived my whole life here and I am familiar with just about every part of Southern California. From San Diego to Tulare County, I have an immense amount of memories to fill my lifetime.

I spent many weekends between 18 and 20 years old at UC San Diego where my best friend was earning her B.A. There were a few T.J. trips in there, some I barely remember. But I always had a great time visiting her.

My older sister lived in Tulare County up North.  My brother-in-law, sister and their two children moved out of there and out of California 2 years ago. They are now in Montana where my niece and nephew are thriving and doing great. My nephew is learning how to hunt and my niece is a dancer (and cute as a button!).

I grew up in the old “Hollywood” town of Pasadena, CA. It has a lot of historic buildings and places to see. Back to the Future I was filmed at a house that I was familiar with, there in Pasadena. The Rose Parade was a part of my life. I went to school and church in Pasadena. There were many memories there.

So the daunting task comes of researching and visiting places. My sister and I are leaning towards Thornton, Colorado. I was talking with my mother last night and she doesn’t want to have to move her large 5 bedroom house that has a garage filled with almost 40 years of memories. I really don’t blame her. It would be a task for my sister and I as well. But wow, it would be the ultimate “house cleaning”. Just to clear out all the cob webs and start new is just such an inviting thought for me!

But I’m sure there will resitence from her over all of this. My sister on the other hand, well my mother better pray that my sister doesn’t get laid off (which she thinks she will because of her company going through changes).  If my sister loses her job, she has said she will not be looking for another one in this state and thought would put a fire under all our butts. I say that becuase, well because my sister has no fear of our mother. I still do. Well no FEAR, per say, more like I just don’t want to deal with her dramatics. My sister can handle her dramatics better. I just want to scream at her when she gets dramatic.

Regardless, I believe a move is in the future, hopefully sooner than later.


4 thoughts on “As the Walrus would say “The time has come…”

    • I hate the heat. HATE.IT.

      I want to eventually retire where it snow. I’m thinking east coast. I love the snow, and rain. I just don’t like people who drive in it and California rainy day drivers are all dangerous to the environment.

      And I don’t live in Pasadena 🙂 That was in my past.

      Where in Colorado are your friends? We are looking at Thornton or Denver but maybe Boulder

  1. I am also looking at making a move to another state within the next couple of years. When I think about it, it feels so freeing. . . the possibility of casting off some possessions and taking flight to another part of the country. . . seems quite heavenly at times.

Any thoughts?

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