I’m not really a female, I HATE shopping

I do.

I hate, despise and loathe shopping of any kind. Whether it be for clothes, shoes, food or whatever, I hate it.  If I had a boyfriend or husband they would NOT be holding my purse while I go in the dressing room to try on 10 different outfits.

I would rather have a damned beer and watch hockey! Or play a video game. Or even better….have sex…are all freakin’ four at the same time!

(yeah, even I wonder why I’m not some geek/nerd/sports fanatics’ dream come true)


Anyway, my routine is that every other wednesday, I go grocery shopping. That is something I have to do because, unfortunately, eating is not an option.

I load up the eCoupons onto my Ralphs card, gather as many paper coupons as I can and then get to this daunting task. I know the lay out of the Ralphs by my house so I can get in and out of there fairly quickly even if my list is pretty big. I usually start at the fruit section, then cheese, drinks, snack, household, cat food and so on until I’m at my final destiantion, the frozen beef.

I usually lose control of The Boy back up at snacks. He starts bouncing all around, smashing into other people’s carts which stimulates the flood of apologies from me until I finally get to the “BE STILL!!!!” part of our shopping trip. Hence, why I like to keep shopping trips short.

But you better believe that I threw a bottle of this into my cart. I knew I would need it later…

Some of this, in my Coke Zero...and all is well

Some of this, in my Coke Zero…and all is well

Due to my move, I hadn’t gone full grocery shopping in a month.  To give a picture of it, before I scanned my Ralphs card and applied coupons, the total was well over $300.

I ended up saving $88 on this trip after Ralphs card and coupons.

But I think the most strenuous part of last night was having to lug all those bags up a flight of stairs for the first time. I live in an upstairs unit now. For the past 2 years I lived in a downstairs.

I really felt that at one point, my heart was going to explode in my chest.


From Disney’s Sword in the Stone – The Wolf who wanted to eat Arthur/Wart (If you don’t know what I’m talking about look it up on youtube..its a great movie. A Disney Classic)

Regardless, I did save $88. In the past, I have saved up to $120 on grocery shopping trips before but it really depends on what I buy and what coupons I can snag.

After all that, I did recieve good news in my mailbox that wasn’t a  bill. I’m getting $420 of my $600 deposit back from my previous apartment. Pretty good and I could use it right now to tie up loose ends. Now I just wait for the actual check, which I should get within a week.


5 thoughts on “I’m not really a female, I HATE shopping

  1. I hate shopping too. I do everything I can online.
    And why hasn’t so,e geek snapped you up yet? (I may have answered my own question there – not known for social skills are geeks!)

    • “not known for social skills are geeks!”

      Well said Yoda! You are right though. However, I am guilty of lack in social abilities. Not really skills, but taking the time and trust to meet new people. I have trust issues.

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