My Gaming History: It all started with a black and white computer screen….

The farthest back I can remember in my gaming memory was me, sitting in front of a Radio Shack computer circa 1985.

Remember the Floppy Disk? Yeah, we are going waaayyy back…

Well that is a blast from the past!

While my parents bowled in their bowling league, my best friends and I would be in the arcade of the bowling alley, playing Pacman and Gauntlet and DigDug.


“Valkyrie needs food badly!!!”

We would also play our Speak and Spells together. I would think that would be considered the first “hand helds”.

I remember my best friend got the Nintendo Entertainment System ROB.

R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy)

I was so jealous of her. But I still had the best Strawberry Shortcake collection in town. So deep down in my little 9 year old heart…I won!

As a teenager, I really didn’t game to much. I was a teenage girl. I paid attention to boys and volleyball…..and boys. Not really in that order.

Somewhere in my teenage years though, I did get a  Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System

where I played the Classic Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros.

And my ever favorite, The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda. I swear I burned every damn tree in that game to find secret passages.

I also played a bit of Mega Man

Mega Man

After that, I soon got a  Nintendo 64.

I thought I was the super shit by upgrading.


On the Nintendo 64, I played Super Mario 64 while listening to the Daft Punk: Homework Album

Super Mario 64

On N64 I also played my most favorite game of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This game is my all time super favorite ever.

I fell instantly in love with Link.


I fell in love with Link. I fell in love with the storyline and Epona, his horse. It was fantastic.

I didn’t fully pick up gaming again until I was about 21, after my college years. I didn’t game much in college because I was thinking to much about boys and booze and boys, probably in that order.  Yeah, I was that kind of college student.

It was then that I got a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts became my new favorite game. It was everything a combination of Disney and hot anime could bring!


Yes I had a secret crush on Axel…I’ll admit it.

Some of my favorite Worlds in Kingdom Hearts:

Alice in Wonderland, because Cheshire Cat is my favorite Alice in Wonderland character. (photo courtesy of

Halloweentown, because nothing like Jack Skellington fighting by your side. (photo courtesy of

There was one time, when I had two days off from work, a Tuesday and a Wednesday, and I spent ALL day in front of that game, only stopping to pee and grab food. It was fantastic. I was newly married at the time, no kid yet, not a care in the world. Just me and Sora.  My husband at the time wasn’t to fond of this two day gaming marathon. He pretty much treated it like I was cheating on him with a video game, which maybe I was? Meh…didn’t think so. I called it a hobby. Roles were apparently reversed in my marriage, which is why it probably ended so quickly after it started. I loved my gaming and he would tell me to shut it off. (I would like to point out that this 2 day marathon happened only this once. I have always gamed responsibly.)

Kingdom Hearts Goofy

To top it off, when I went to the Disneyland Halloween event in October of 2006, I dressed The Boy and I as Kingdom Hearts Characters. I was KH Goofy and The Boy was Sora. It was also fantastic. (how cool of a mom am I!?!)

Kingdom Hearts Sora

Kingdom Hearts Sora

I made both those costumes myself. I think that I did pretty good.

I bought myself the Guide Book to help me through it and I read that thing like the KH bible, on my lunch breaks at work and anytime I could.

KH Guide Book. It was about 240 pages.

I did play Kingdom Hearts II after that and thought it was just as good. The storyline was smooth and very creative and I loved how they incorporated just as many Disney characters as the first one, if not more!  From the Princesses to Dumbo to Winnie the Pooh and all across the board and in both games.

Kingdom Hearts II

My favorite parts of KH II…

Steamboat Willie Land: All the characters turned Black and White and Classic Mickey made an appearance. (Photo courtesy of

Nothing like Classic Donald and Classic Goofy (Photo courtesy of

Halloweentown, because, again nothing is better than Jack Skellington (Photo courtesy of

Tron Land was also a very close runner up as one of my favorite lands. It was the Tron from the 1980’s movie.

Nothing beats a video game Flynn (photo courtesy of

I also bought the Guidebook for KH II

KH II Guide Book. It was about 350 pages. Yeah, I read every single page and tagged places that were important with stickies.

Yeah…I took this shit seriously.

Moving forward, I got a DS Lite after that and played Kingdom Hearts:358/2 Days. This was a branch off of the initial storyline from the KH games. There were many other KH branch off games for other consoles that I never got to.

And it was this game that made me realize that if I ever wanted a sex fantasy to come true…it would definitely include Axel…

All levels of Anime hotness! And those weapons of his were pretty fun to play!

Ok, fangirl is put away now, she will not return, begging your pardon.

It was a tribute to these two games, Kingdom Hearts and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, that I created this:

This was drawn by myself and I want to some day get this tattooed on my ankle. Some day….
What you see here is the Keyblade that Sora, from KH uses and the Triforce which was the symbol for Link from Legend of Zelda.

I also started up on my current 3DS, the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.  It was all that I loved about the original N64 Ocarina of Time but in 3D. I played that one and finished it within a few months.

After KH, I made the switch to Computer games and found the World of Warcraft. The obsession continued.

In October of 2006, Amorain, a human priest was born.

My baby Priest at her start in the Human starting zone.

Leveling her up…..

Amorain was a girl after my own heart. She loved her cats.

I had fun with captions….

Amorain today. She changed from Human to Blood Elf as I followed a guild to the dark side. I have regretted it to this day.

Amorain today. She changed from Human to Blood Elf as I followed a guild to the dark side. I have regretted it to this day.

About 4 months ago I got the Mist of Panderia expansion and played for three months. Since then, my time has lapsed and with my move and such, I’ve put my WoW playing to the side for now. I do plan on picking it back up again soon though. I do have other alts but Amorain is capped and a healer and that is really what I love to play.

I’m sad because back when I started this priest I was in an awesome guild that was progressing through The Burning Crusade but ended up breaking up. Many of the guild members tried other games and for a while I even got sucked into playing Rift, but didn’t like that game at all.

I didn’t play WoW for about 2 years at one point.

I also currently play Wizard 101, just for fun. I started a Wizard a while ago with The Boy and we played together but he lost interest. I continued and have been working, on and off, to get my Life wizard up to 90. I actually like it and find its a relaxing game, yet challenging.

My favorite Life spell, Gnomes!

My favorite Life spell, Gnomes!

I do own a Wii and on there I only do sports and exercise games. The Boy plays Super Mario but I do Just Dance.

Whew! And that is up to date!

Now let’s look at the stereotype of a “Gamer” and how I have broken it:

1) The Stereotype says this a “Gamer”:

From South Park of course!
Nope, nothing like me. I pay the bills, have a pretty good paying 8-5 job, tend to The Boy and keep my own house. And as far as I know, I don’t have a scruffy 5’oclock shadow and weigh 500 lbs.

2) The Stereotype says Gamer’s are not female: Uh..*looks down* yup..I’m female! So FALSE!

3) The Stereotype says Gamer’s live in their momma’s basement: Nope, not me..I have my own apartment and furnish it completely.

There are tons of other “Gamer” stereotypes but I pretty much break them all. Its my hobby. It is what I do. Some people do knitting or golf. I like to shoot spells from my hands and fry the enemies brains out!

And THAT is my gaming history.


7 thoughts on “My Gaming History: It all started with a black and white computer screen….

    • Tru dat! I loved that game with my whole heart. It had all my Disney characters in it and I was able to slash and dice with a sword shaped like a key! Then of course, there were the other types of swords that were all shapes and colors and associated with each Disney themed land in the game. *sigh* I loved that game.

  1. That’s some serious retro gaming there!
    I never managed two day gaming sessions, but when the girls were babies, I woke up more than once with my face on my keyboard and my guild dancing around my AFK body because my lovely husband has posted photos of me asleep on the desk to our guild website.

    Actually, I’ve had more than one marital spat via the Paris servers whilst we’ve been in the same room!

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