“At least I aimed it the other way!”

I bring you, another of my Tarantino entries….

What made The Boy say:

“At least I aimed it in the other way!”

Let’s go back…Let’s go back….


The following is what I guess I have to look forward to when raising a boy.

My parents came over to visit. We were all sitting on the couch watching America’s Funniest Home videos. The Boy is sitting on my mother’s lap.

Out of no where, he very quickly quickly gets up and steps away about 2 feet then turns his back towards the open sliding glass door, all of this, only a few feet from us, he bends down, kinda half way at the knees and….

fart sign

The Boy farted….

Then he laughs…

I know the look I gave him…it was kinda like…


It was embarrassing because it was like I was raising him in a barn!

I yell his name in shock and horror….

And he says:

“At least I aimed it the other way!”

Then I laughed…I laughed and laughed. I couldn’t help it! It was kinda funny. But I was laughing because he never does that…

And hey, at least he got off my mom’s lap. He meant well.



Any thoughts?

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