Another disturbing dream…

This one was VERY unnerving. thumb

I was me and I was younger, but not underage. I would say in my 20’s. I didn’t have a child in this dream or at least he never showed up.

I had found a great man and was introducing him to my family. However, he was moving to another state (reason unknown) and I wanted to follow.

I told this to my family (father, mother, sister). They went into a rage. The man I was with was shocked. I decided to leave with him anyway.

My father followed us and next scene in the dream, we are in a WalMart and my father is following me (the man I was with was no longer around) and demanding that I return. This father in my dream was the father I had in my past, not the one of today. My father of today is a quiet (and by quiet I mean he says NOTHING) man who sits in a corner and follows my mother around like a puppy. The father in my dream was my past father. Still quiet, yet when his authority was threatened he wouldn’t think twice about pushing his weight around, literally.

Back to the dream. So my father is following me around Walmart or some sort of department store, maybe JCPenney? And I’m refusing the return with him. Then my father’s nephew-in-law joined him in chasing me. He is a big man (but in real life the nicest man).

So they both continue their pursuit. It is then that my father pulls out some duct tape and claims he is going to end this by duct taping my mouth and arms and kidnapping me!

I find my car in the parking lot, which is the Nissan Murano I had 3 years ago and 3 cars ago. Then I’m suddenly looking for a random female with dark hair.

I was looking for her frantically as I was trying to get away from my father.

Then I’m on the passenger seat wondering why I can’t drive the car properly. The car is swerving everywhere.

Then the random dark haired female appears in the drivers seat and we switch seats…

Then I wake up…

I woke up very startled. A bit scared. Just unnerved.

I don’t like having dreams like that. Its enough that my family turns against me in real life but for them to go just the next step up to utter violence, is enough for me. Even if it is only in my dreams.

I hate that I can’t control my dreams. When I woke up from that one I was sad, scared and had to sit at the edge of my bed and tell myself I was awake.

I wonder if these work….



One thought on “Another disturbing dream…

  1. first – again thank you for stopping by my blog! it means a lot to me. second – i can relate to having odd, peculiar, even frightening dreams. i have them constantly – mostly just odd lol, but i have had some scary ones. in my experience with scary dreams, they tend to represent change that’s happening or something you feel bothered about, but the good news is then you can figure it out. i don’t analyze dreams so im no authority but maybe it’s worth asking someone who has a better grasp of that topic. it could be interesting to learn what your subconscious is trying to tell you. i hope you have much better dreams soon. 🙂

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