There are Clowns and then.there.are. CLOWNS….

So I was busy today looking around in Le Clown’s blog.  I hope I can reference you Le Clown.  It is with awe that I do so.

I was apprehensive and a bit afraid because clowns do not appeal to me at all. However, he seems really nice and has created a great community of Clowninators.

This topic of clowns got me to thinking. I remember finding an old photo of myself, when I was just a wee babe and next to me is, a clown.

Below is that photo….


Ah look! Its a scary 70’s clown AND an actual 70’s photo with no Instagram enhancements!

And yes, that is me 36 years ago. Wasn’t I cute?!?!

But the reason for finding this little gem of my history was to do this comparison….

See photo above, taken circa 1977?

Now look at photo of scary Poltergeist Clown, movie from 1982.



Worst Toy Ever, turns Evil!!! Poor kid.

I will give my parents the benefit of the doubt.  Baby Me holding that Clown doll was taken in 1977. The Poltergeist movie didn’t come out until 1982.



7 thoughts on “There are Clowns and then.there.are. CLOWNS….

  1. Claudia,
    You won’t find any clowns hiding under your bed on the Clownonsphere… I like to hide in the closet personally….
    Le Clown

  2. wait a minute I’m confused……I don’t use wordpress to follow blogs…I used two different readers….and in my reader every time I clicked on your blog in past days it said…”mommy in the moonlight” but today it is “Is the coffee ready yet” did you change the name? or did it reroute me to a second blog that you have??

    ha ha….if you changed it I definitely like the new name!

    • Oh good Lord you are killing me! Did you ever see Toy Story 3? There was a monkey in that movie that held the cymbals and clanged them…he had HUGE round eyes and he startled everyone in one scene. Blegh!

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