I finally found what I’m about…

I was trying for a month to decide how to theme this blog of mine. What did I like? What am I about?

The colors were changed. The backgrounds were changed. But nothing stuck out. Nothing spoke to me.

As I sat, staring at the computer, sipping my 4th cup of coffee that morning…I


I was….sipping…my….

4th…cup of coffee……

That was it!

Photo credit to ckLam Photography

Photo credit to ckLam Photography (Flickr)

Not far from the truth. I will admit, I love the stuff. I love the way it smells when brewing. I love the little brown bubbles it makes in my Dopey coffee mug400158151331. I love my Dopey coffee mug! I also have a Snow White coffee mug and a very large Eeyore mug that is the equivalent of 3 cups. The thing is huge.

I do believe that the effects coffee can have on a normal human being, does not happen to me. I do not get wired, do not get the jitters and I most definantely do not stay up all night if I have a cup at 9pm. I’ve been known to enjoy a cup at that time with a small piece of sugar cookie, only to be able to fall right to sleep 10 minutes later. That is my super power. Or it could just mean I am super addicted to the lovely black liquid.

Its probably the latter.


However, it is what I enjoy. It is warm and goes great with sweets. I do enjoy other things in my life. The Boy is excitement enough to keep me busy. But being a single mother has made me lean towards my coffee more. I also enjoy my Disney craze. But I am also able to marry my two loves, coffee and Disney. Hence, the array of Disney character mugs and of course, my Disney coffee. Yum….

My step-grandmother makes the best espresso. So while my other family members visit her for her awesome Cuban meals….I walk up to her and point to her espresso and say “puhleeezze….”

So hence forth, I dub this blog themed “Coffee” for I know that if I cut open one of my veins, coffee would flow from it.


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