I finally went the medical way…

So I wasn’t to far off from my weight prediction. I weighed in at my sisters floor scale at 243 about 2 months ago

At the doctor’s office today, it was at 245. Blegh

LilySlim Weight charts

I was shooting for losing 100 lbs but they put me at losing only about 80.

I got my two B-6 shots and I probably should have gotten more but I wanted to take it slow. I’ll return on Wednesday and pay up for the 10 weeks. That should get me the B-6 and B-12 shots and some vitamin pills, weekly.

But basically, the doctor said:


What’s new? It’s not an unknown fact  that carbs are bad. He was saying having a burger is fine, just replace the  buns with lettuce. And I do love my Protein Style In N Out cheeseburgers. Pretty much any fast food join will replace the buns with lettuce if you ask.

Just no onions, and I never get to have In N out Fries again :(

Just no onions, and I never get to have In N out Fries again 😦

Yeah, that last part, of the no more fries, makes me bit of a sad panda but, it is what it is.

I honestly, think I can live with that though. I still get to eat out, just can’t have the dinner rolls or unlimited bread sticks. I’m also going to cut back on soda and the amount of flavored creamer I put in my coffee.

We shall see how it goes!


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