If one doesn’t respond to a text within minutes…they must be dead.

Yesterday, I kept The Boy home because he had a nasty little cough. I stayed home from work with him. We watched some TV in the morning then migrated to my bed to watch Adventure Time on the computer and take a little nap just before lunch. I love Adventure Time. It’s super cute.

Sick Child = 800px-Adventure_Time_-_Title_card

The whole time, my cell phone was on silent. I usually don’t have it on silent when I’m not at work but I had neglected to switch it off silent when I got home the night before.

Now, there are days when I can have no communication, text or email, with either my mother or sister. Of course, this was not one of those days.

Remember, my phone is on silent and I never answer my land line especially during the day because it’s always some sales person trying to sell me a subscription to the local newspaper, a bill collector collecting a debt from someone who isn’t even me or the wrong number. I just have that land line for 911 emergencies.

I noticed around 4pm the land line had been ringing a lot and I figure this is how much it rings during the day. I’m not home during the week days so how would I know? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was so. By this time, we had migrated  to the front room to watch Call of the Wildman on Animal Planet. It was a 3 hour marathon of that show. (pretty good show by the way).

Anyway, around this time, 4pm, I decide to get my quiet, silenced cell phone off my end table in my room and look at it.

The missed calls, voicemails and texts were innumerable.


Ok, maybe not 10 but you get the point…

They are all from my mother, with one from my sister. The first text was a random text from my mother about a $50 gas card she had given me on Saturday. She was just asking if I had used it yet.  When I didn’t respond immediately, she texted again and again “where are you?” and “hello?”

It was then I noticed emails, voicemails and missed calls.

I pick up the phone and called her and she starts bawling almost immediately! She said she got scared when I didn’t text her back right away.  She called my WORK line (well good thing I wasn’t playing hookie or anything! I actually did call in to say I would be caring for The Boy and wouldn’t be in to work).

She said she called my son’s day care, who told her that he didn’t show up to school.  But unfortunately, the day care also failed to mention that I had called the school at 8 that morning to say he was going to be out sick. This fueled the fire even more.

At this point, she thought we were dead….

I do not make any of this stuff up. She really thought we were dead.

I don’t know what to think of this. At first, I was annoyed. I mean, seriously, I don’t respond RIGHT AWAY and that means it’s time to send out the National Guard. She admitted that the next call she was going to make was to hospitals because to her, we must have been dead. But my sister talked her out of it. Even my sister was a bit tiffed about this over- dramatic episode. She was at work and when stuff like this happens, my mother tends to do everything short of walking into our offices and getting in our faces. Hence, just short of getting us fired.

These texts, voicemails and emails were all within the time frame of 1 hour.

However, I will admit that I did feel very bad. I mean in my mother’s little world, she really thought her daughter and her grandson were dead. No joke. I apologized profusely because I’m not mean and I would never have purposely wanted her to think that we were dead…

But seriously, am I being strange in thinking this kind of paranoia is just bizarre?

Am I rude in thinking that just because I don’t respond to a text within minutes, it’s a bit over dramatic to think I’m DEAD?

She said “usually if you don’t go to work you text us saying you are staying home”……Uh..no I don’t. Because last time I checked, I was a 36 year old adult and didn’t need to check in with mommy and daddy that I would be sick from work.

It’s like Drama is a genetic part of this family’s DNA…..


Its exhausting….


4 thoughts on “If one doesn’t respond to a text within minutes…they must be dead.

  1. Unfortunately, I tend to be one of those people who thinks someone is dead if they don’t respond to me within a half hour. Do I think it’s crazy? Absolutely! Sometimes I think it would be better if we got rid of all of our technology…..like back in the olden days.

    • I agree about the technology. It only makes situations like this worse. In this case, I think its another example of how controlling my mother wants to be. But still, technology doesn’t help. And she always has this fear of impending doom. Like something bad is going to happen at any moment. Which it just might but to live in that kind of fear all the time, has got to be exhausting..

      Oh and she tends to up the drama a notch…which doesn’t help.

  2. I will admit I can be a pest when I need to speak to my children……I don’t jump to the conclusion that they are in a ditch somewhere dead, i automatically assume that they see me calling and they have better things to do then pick up the phone………9 times out of 10 i’m right, they were too busy watching t.v or playing video games to pause it and answer their phone.

  3. I just had this happen today with my fiancee. I put my phone on silent while I am in the line at the bank. On the way out I walked across the road into another office where I ended up having a meeting with a person from the BIA. So my phone was on silent for 90 minutes. I’m still in trouble.

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