Build a Bear Iron Man Suits!

Ok, how much did I “squee” when I saw in my email an advertisement for the Build a Bear Iron Man Costume for your bear.

OH! and look! I have a $10 Build a Bear Gift card!


I may have to stop at the Downtown Disney Build a Bear when we are out there this Friday…yup…and maybe I’ll even make a new animal.

I’m giggling at myself because of how excited I am!


3 thoughts on “Build a Bear Iron Man Suits!

  1. ha ha, my every time we pass the build-a-bear store my daughters loudly exclaim, “DAD!” and I shake my head thinking Oh NO!….ha ha..fortunately there is a Justice store near by …..i’d rather them get new clothes than build a bear that ends up in the salvation donation box a month later! I guess they are great for people who collect bears but my daughters don’t! They just want to build them and be done with em….

    • I started going to Build a Bear when my kid was a toddler. His first was a green Dinosaur named “Jack Sparrow” because he was dressed like a pirate. From then many bears were built along with a horse, some dogs a bunny and I can’t remember what else.

      He no longer likes it as its to girly for him even though they do offer costumes like this Iron Man and Jedi Knights.

      But every once in a while, I will do it for me. I did have all his animals displayed on his wall, hanging from ropes, but not hanging like they comitted suicide. But I haven’t been able to put the display back up since I got into the new apartment. Might do that this weekend.

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