How about just saying “Congrats on making good choices”?

One of my super huge pet peeves is people who think they know it all.

So I go on a certain message board (I will neither confirm nor deny it is a Disney forum) and into a group that I used to post alot to but have backed away from now. I was reminded of why I backed away.

I posted that I was making better choices in food, cutting out carbs and fast food and maybe choosing protein style burgers at In N Out for example, and no fries. Making better choices, that is what I’m aiming for. And I’ve been in my body for 36 years…I know what causes it to get fat

Fast Food + No movement = Fat ass!

The responses of  “well you need your carbs because of XYZ” and “don’t cut them all out because your skin will itch and you will lose brain function..”


Ah ok, so according to you, the supposed doctor, it would be better to choose the cheeseburger and fries instead of the Jamba Juice?

Ok so apparently, I haven’t been in my body and you have actually be controlling it?!

Seriously, screw what people think. I’m so tired by living by everyone elses rules. I know my body and choosing a 16oz Jamba Juice over a Cheeseburger and fries is better for me.

I think today I’m going to enjoy an In N Out Protein style burger (no fries) with a diet coke.

Or maybe a Razzmatazz Jamba Juice….yeah…ooh I’m such a rebel!


And please don’t tell me how many carbs a Jamba Juice has…I know how much and fruit carbs are better to me than bread. So you can leave that comment at the door.


2 thoughts on “How about just saying “Congrats on making good choices”?

  1. I can totally understand. I am on an unusal diet being that my body doesnt process fat. I find that people always associate sugar with fat. People needs to be more mindful of their bodies and less of ours.

  2. in my experience its about cutting out “bad” carbs versus good ones – a body does need some fat/sugars, etc to operate but that’s not for them to dictate – it does also make a difference in how your body functions – i totally agree. and yes people really do need to be more mindful of themselves period let alone their own bodies instead of everyone else lol. darn those nosy people 😛 grrr

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