“Did he just flip me off!?”

Bringing you another Tarantino’d post.

Why did I say…
“Did he just flip me off!?”

Let’s go back…let’s go back…

Yesterday, I was driving on one of the worst freeways in Southern California. Well, they are all actually pretty bad because of bad drivers and bad road conditions.

Anyway, I was in the fast lane, going about 70. There was a car in front of me and I like to keep at least one car length between me and the car in front of me. So, I wasn’t going any faster than that.

Apparently, this was not good enough for the motorcycle behind me. Not only did he pass me up, which would have been fine in and of itself, except he flipped me the bird while doing it.

I asked The Boy “Did he just flip me off?!”


This motorcyclist then proceeded to get behind the car in front of me, waited a while then passed him up while flipping that driver off.

This motorcyclist had a vendetta!!!

I also thought he had a lot of nerve. I’m driving a two ton vehicle compared to his 500 pound motorcycle. (I may be off with those weights but you get the point). If I was a totally different person, I don’t know maybe someone a with a short trigger, his little motorcycle would be nothing compared to my car.

This type of thing happens all the time on these freeways. People are just so angry on the road.


9 thoughts on ““Did he just flip me off!?”

  1. omg i know! ugh california drivers drive me nuts and yes many very angry folks out there. i know i can get a lil pissy but usually its not until others have done something to get me there. i don’t get how people start off driving so angry. its terrible.

  2. I live in Vermont, so California driving sounds so much more stressful to me!!! I once drove around on the Houston freeways and just about had a panic attack. Hey, let him flip you off!! At least you’re being safe:)

    • It’s an interesting phenomenon because I’ve been driving here in California since I was 17 years old, but I will never get used to the crappy way these people drive.

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  4. I have a dream to ride in California, its my split lane fantasy. All I do is travel with work throughout the country. The true bonding point for each state is that they are all filled with bad drivers. My advice, “smile and wave”, conflict with those people is only a waist of humanity.

    • I have perfected the art of smile and wave. I have also mastered the Jedi Art of Ignore. The Force is strong with me. LOL
      But we got a good giggle at it when I realized I wasn’t the only one targeted. This guy was just a dick.

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  6. Sorry to hear you had a bad encounter with a motorcyclist. This is the biggest reason I don’t ride with groups or join a “club”- I hate when others reflect poorly on me by association.

    I will say, when I’m in California I usually drive in the “slow” right hand lane because everybody drives so slowly in the left lanes I wind up making better time! LOL.

    • Well, for the most part, motorcyclists are pretty cool around here. I think this guy was just in a bad mood. And it’s funny that you think that people drive slow in the left (fast) lane. I observe the exact opposite. Especially when it’s raining. California drivers are racers!

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