My kid knows me……

My Mother’s Day turned out to be the best yet when it comes to the gifts. My kid got me this…


Yup, Ladies and Gents, that is the Iron Man Suit on a brand new bear. He went to Build a Bear (dragging my mother along because a 9 year old can’t pay for things himself and being it was a gift for me, I couldn’t take him) and got it for me. How much does my kid know me!

I also got a Minnie Mouse watch from my Aunt and a Dumbo wall placard that features Dumbo and his mother, Mrs. Jumbo, from my cousin…41i-3OB-LPL._SL500_AA300_My aunt and cousin know me…

My mother, the woman who birthed me and has known me for 36 years….what did she get me?

A gift card…..a gift card to a store I have NEVER gone into and have never mentioned before in my life, TJMaxx.


Now, I know the preceding sentence seems a bit like a childish and ungrateful vent but let me explain. My mother has NEVER known how to gift for me. Yet, my cousin, who I see at most 2 or 3 times a year, got me something perfect and my Aunt, who I rarely communicate with outside of Facebook, also gifted perfect for me.

My mother doesn’t even know that I hate loathe and despise shopping and always says “I don’t know what you like”.

Really? Two people who rarely see me know what I like better! This has been an ongoing pet peeve of mine for a while.

For example, two Christmas’s ago, my new boss of 6 months knew me better than my mother. He got me an Eeyore ornament and plushie for Christmas that year. My mother, once again saying she doesn’t know how to gift for me, got me a scarf and a pair of gloves, two items that I have a box full of and never use in S. California.

You know what though, I get a kick out of this phenomenon between myself and my mother. It used to infuriate me that she never bothers to pay attention to me enough to know what I like, but now, I laugh at it. And I also realized that sometimes, it’s not that she doesn’t know me, it’s that she may not like who I am.

I can believe that. And I could care less!


4 thoughts on “My kid knows me……

  1. I think accepting the fact that our parents will never be what we’d like them to be is one of the hardest realities to swallow sometimes–even as adults. I love the Iron Man Bear though…..someone in your family has been paying attention!!

    • That someone is my kid. He is like my best little man. I love that kid to pieces. The funny thing is, when he told my mother that he wanted to be taken to Build a Bear to get the Iron Man costume, he told me she was like “are you sure?”….well guess what…it was the best gift I got!

      My mother just doesn’t like my love of Disney that I’ve had for the past 9 years and thinks I go there to much and thinks its weird I do things like build bears at Build a Bear. I believe she is just jealous she wasn’t that way to us when we were children. There was always yelling (between my mother and father and when I was older between me and her) and lots of restrictions.

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