Bad Parenting 101 – Taking a kid to a movie

Last night, I used my AMC $25 gift card I got from Verizon (adult tickets at AMC are now $12!!!) and finally got to take The Boy to see Iron Man.  He enjoyed it. He really likes the flying Mark’s (yes at one point all the suits fly together…very cool stuff). My new Iron Man Build a Bear named Snuggles even got to join us

But this entry isn’t about how great Iron Man was and what a good time I had. I wished that it was. I did have a good time though and as The Boy gets older, he becomes more fun and yet, more mouthy. So it’s the best of both worlds.

No, this is a post about a screaming 2 year old in the theatre.


Now, I was apprehensive about taking my 9 year old to see this movie as the reviews set the age range around 13  but it actually wasn’t to bad. Once, Tony did say “pussy” but he was using that word in reference to being one, not…well you know and he said it so fast it was easy to miss. There was more explosions than anything else.

Anyway, we are sitting in the theatre, about 4 rows up and about ¼ into the movie, there was this child, at the most 2 or 3 years old and his mother. This child was VERY loud. He was loud even during the loud explosion scenes. At some points, the mother took him into the hallway out of the theatre but for the most part, she just let him sit there, being loud.

There were two women sitting behind us who finally had enough and told the mother her kid was being loud.

This mother did nothing…

10 minutes later, the other woman told this mother her kid was being loud and it was distrupting others.

This mother did nothing…

FINALLY, one of the women got up and went outside. I was assuming it was to tell a movie theatre worker about this.

Next thing, the mother leaves with her child and 10 minutes later comes back with NO child.

Did she leave him outside?

Did she have someone come get him so she could watch the rest of the movie on her own?

If it was the latter, why couldn’t she have done that in the FIRST place instead of pissing off a theatre full of people.

The ignorance and absolute disregard for others really shined last night, in an AMC movie theatre in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

But that isn’t what upsets me the most. What upsets me is that I am ALWAYS super aware of how I affect others around me. In this instance, if I had been that mother. I would have left the theatre and admitted to myself that I made a mistake. Because I really don’t think Iron Man was a suitable movie for a 2 year old. I felt I was pushing the envelope with my 9 year old but he’s older than he seems.

This woman was just lucky that some one didn’t have a bad day that day and just wanted to relax and get out of the 100 degree weather to sit in a nice cool theatre to watch Iron Man. That person may have snapped and done more than just tell her to shut her kid up.


18 thoughts on “Bad Parenting 101 – Taking a kid to a movie

  1. I’m sorry you had to endure that. My boyfriend took me to see Iron Man 3 this past weekend. Such a good movie! We have a friend with a 7 year old that almost went with us, but ultimately decided there was too much violence and that it’d be overly expensive.

    • Well, it didn’t ruin it. I wouldn’t let it. I was just more appalled at the balls this woman had to not even care that her child was distrupting others.

      Yeah, there was alot of explosions and fighting. After the movie I explained to The Boy that it was all “Hollywood” and fake. I even asked him if the people with the “burning” faces scared him (I’m sure you know what I’m referring to) and he said no, that he knows its fake. He actually liked the action in the movie. He’s such a boy. But I liked it to. I even applauded after the final fight scene. He LOVED the flying suits though. He got a big kick out of that.

  2. i find her selfishness as a parent even more distressing than not being considerate of others – though i absolutely agree that she obviously didn’t take the other theater patrons into consideration which is total bunk. he’s two… she should know he doesn’t have that kind of attention span for one and for two that movie is clearly NOT for children. its very transparent she went to that movie thinking only of herself and i fear that MAY be an indicator of how she is as a parent. i really sincerely pray she didn’t just leave him outside that theater. to me that’s incredibly irresponsible as a parent. im going to go ahead and give her benefit of the doubt that she AT LEAST had someone get him, but again as you pointed out – she should have done that from the beginning. it’s not fair to her kid nor the theater patrons to have gone through that mess. ugh. it’s so unfortunate to have that happen. glad you didn’t allow her or her ridiculousness ruin your good time with your son.

    • There were so many things wrong with the scenario it is hard to pin point them. But yes, selfishness is one.

      I actually did step out to go to the bathroom probably about 30 minutes after she returned with no child (I drank way to much soda and couldn’t hold it!). I never noticed a child just roaming the halls so I’m assuming that she left him with someone else.

      • well thank God for small favors; yes you’re right so many things wrong with it. well its hard to not have those issues – look at the size of drinks they sell and how expensive they are lol. again just glad you two still had a good time. i miss so many movies but that may be one i’ll have to try and make sure to catch 🙂

  3. Hello, claudiabette. I clicked on your blog via Madame Weeble’s comment section. After a scroll through your posts, and ticking off the commonalities we share (COFFEE, children, hating to go shopping, Iron Man fandom, your “Down the rabbit hole” button, for starters), I felt compelled to start following. Besides, anyone who appreciates the incredible Madame Weebles is someone I can appreciate in turn. I look forward to concerted archive diving. Cheers! ~Alice

    • I’m a Disney fanatic (as you will soon see when you start reading my archive). Actually, my sister is the Alice in Wonderland fanatic. She likes White Rabbit the best, and any rabbit really. She is all about rabbits. Cheshire Cat is my favorite Alice character.

      LOL about archive diving! I know it says I post alot during the month, but most are just small posts. I do have some “meat and potatoes” posts in there though.

      Glad you are here!

  4. Wow. While I do not understand at all what would possess her to bring a toddler to a movie (there was no way he was going to enjoy the experience), what perplexed me more is how she just sat there nonplussed while he made a scene. I would have been sweating, probably broken out in hives, and offered to buy the entire theater popcorn even after I had ushered the poor kid out after his meltdown started.

    • “and offered to buy the entire theater popcorn even after I had ushered the poor kid out after his meltdown started.”

      Exactly! Its like there is a piece missing in these peoples brains that tell them they need to be mindful of others around them.

  5. My husband and I went to see Gangster Squad and there was a 7-yr old girl in there with her parents. I was shocked. I am a pretty open-minded individual but I do draw the line at letting kids see movies like that. The opening scene was absolutely horrific – for anyone who hasn’t seen it, I won’t spoil it. It is rated MA15+ for a reason. Seriously….

    And no, Iron Man is definitely not a movie for a 2-yr old. My son is 7 and he has seen it but he knows fact from fiction. He learns more about bad behaviour at school than he does in a movie let me tell you!!

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