Walking a few blocks to the new ice cream shop is exercise…right?

I would like to think so!

Last night, dinner was done and laundry was washing so I stood there, in the dining room wondering how I could get The Boy’s eyes separated from the tv.

“Let’s go for a walk to the new ice cream shop up the street”

Shoes were on within seconds.

Coldstone' Creamery (Photo courtesy of a Google search)

Cold Stone Creamery (Photo courtesy of a Google search)

There is a new Yogurt and Ice Cream shop that opened about a month ago just a few blocks from my apartment. It’s called Sub Zero.  It’s actually a whole new twist on ice cream and yogurt.  At Cold Stone Creamery, you get to choose your ice cream flavor and your mix in’s. Then they throw it on a freezing slab, spend some time mixing it all together with flat metal spoons ( I’m sure you are familiar with the “tap tap” you hear when entering a Cold Stone). Then, it’s mixed together, thrown into a cup and you enjoy!

20130515_191711Sub Zero is totally different. The ice cream starts out as liquid.


Yup, LIQUID. You pick your flavor from the choices on the menu board, choose the mix ins then they put the mix ins, the actual cream and the liquid flavor in a bowl. Then the bowl is placed under a liquid nitrogen hose (which is connected to their HUGE liquid nitrogen tank seen to the left) and the cream with all the mix ins are frozen right before your eyes! As an added “show” bonus, lots of cold “steam” comes out from under the glass. The kids love it.




The Boy, watching the cold “steam” come out from under the glass

I chose the yogurt (fudge chocolate with cookie dough) and The Boy had the ice cream (mint with gummy bears). She also listed off other choices like lactose free and soy based (if I remember correctly).

There were three distinct negatives about this new kind of way to get ice cream.

1) The Cost – Lord Love a DUCK! it was $4 for the kids size (includes 1 mix in) and $5.18 for a small (includes 1 mix in). Large was closer to $8 and you were getting closer to the $10 range if you wanted a waffle cone with a large. However, the sizes were very generous. I think next time I will choose the kids size.

2) One can’t sample flavors – Since the choices start out as liquid, they can’t be sampled. I like to be able to do this. The Boy espeically likes to be able to taste something new, even though he always goes for the mint with gummy bears.

3) Being that the bases were liquid, there is no ice cream to mix in creamy peanut butter. My favorite is Chocolate ice cream with Creamy Peanut Butter. I could not get that as actual creamy peanut butter wasn’t an option. All their “flavors” were liquid or the mix ins were like cookie dough, oreos, items like that. For my own personal preference, that is the main reason I would not get ice cream from there again. But I’ll go for the kid.

Overall, I think the prices reflect the fact that you can watch the liquid turn into hard ice cream before your very eyes. The kids like that. As for taste, the yogurt that I got was pretty nasty. It lacked texture and even some flavor. It just didn’t taste like chocolate.  I didn’t even finish it.

So, I probably will not be getting anything from there again. But The Boy liked it so I’ll go for him. But I’ll keep my Coldstone’s.


3 thoughts on “Walking a few blocks to the new ice cream shop is exercise…right?

  1. In Champaign-Urbana, IL, there is a frozen yogurt shop called Cocomero that I am in love with. It’s self-serve. You start on one end, grab a cup, and start filling it with different flavors of your choosing as you go through (I like the cheesecake and the green tea myself. In the fall they have pumpkin too!), and there is an island with all the stuff you can mix in or top with – fresh fruits, candies, oreos, syrups, etc. Then, after you’ve created your masterpiece, you go up to the counter where they weigh it. And you pay based on weight. The only downside to this system is that it is harder to determine what you will be paying until your cup is weighed. But, I love it.

    • Ah yes, I have one of those also just a few blocks from me. And I think I prefer that one over this instant freeze place. I go to the self serve one alot so I know about how much my cup is going to cost when I fill it with yogurt and cookie dough. And I get coupons in the mail for that place sometimes to.

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