Weekly Weigh In

I think I’m liking this program. The shots (B-12 and B-6)  really make a difference.

I lost 3 more lbs!

Total : 7lbs lost!

I think its time to up the movement a bit.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In

  1. That’s awesome! I’ve been considering doing medical weight loss too through Kaiser (not covered, but they host the meetings and endorse it). But that plan is a meal replacement program. Is your plan just injections or do you have meal replacments too?

    • It is just injections. I am in the 10 week program that offers 4 B-6 shots and 1 B-12 shot per week plus a weeks supply of appetite suppressants pills (which REALLY work). They also offer Liptronics shots which speeds up the removal of fat within the liver. It’s an a la carte type thing. Like today, along with my weekly 4 B-6 shots and 1 B-12 shot I’m gonna get a shot of Liptronics.

      This is the website: Medislim

      The facility does offer meal replacement shakes and bars which I get on occasion to replace meals on the go.

      I have been cutting out carbs to, mostly bread. And no fast food. That works for me as well. Bread = fat for me.

      This post is actually a week old and I weigh in again today so hopefully I can post another loss update in a few hours!

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