I really had nothing to talk about…

This past week has actually been very rough.  I really didn’t have anything meaningful to write about all week.

I was going through yet another valley but it was like I just didn’t want to do anything and was forcing myself to just get up to take The Boy to school and work. Luckily, my job is mostly independent work at my desk so I don’t interact with a lot of people much, which is good.

I’m feeling a bit better though, especially since the weight keeps falling off and I really don’t feel deprived. I will admit, it is coming off slower than I remember it used to in the past. That might be because I’m older now or I’m not exercising as much but it’s still coming off. I could eventually turn this into a life time thing. I must resist bread and make better choices when eating out.  Earlier this week, my office when to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch and I ordered the mushroom burger but with no buns and instead asked for two pieces of lettuce. The waiter knew exactly what I was talking about and even called it by its proper name, Protein Style. Also, instead of the fries, I asked for the small green salad option. So this kind of eating is not uncommon amongst the masses. That gives me more room to relax and just enjoy eating out.

Tonight, it’s another Disneyland trip. We haven’t been there in a few weeks. Since I get off work early today, we can get a head start and have an extra hour this evening to see how much we can get done. These Friday night Disneyland trips are becoming sort of mini challenges. It turns into a “how many rides CAN we actually ride in a 3-4 hour period”.  Some nights, we can ride up to 4 major rides in the night. Some nights, we end up going to one park, determining it’s to crowded, head to the other park and just do Mad T Party and Ride Monster’s Inc. a few times. Either way, it’s still fun.

Nevermind that…it’s the most dreaded 24 hour event at Disneyland tonight. Blegh….I don’t like the super big crowds that these events can produce…..great…now to have to tell The Boy we aren’t going.

Tomorrow, I take The Boy down to Long Beach. I reserved a hotel room there through Hotels.com and we will swim in the pool or just play around in the room jumping on the beds while watching t.v.

Photos by A. Reitsma/Aquarium of the Pacific website

Photo by A. Reitsma/Aquarium of the Pacific

Sunday, it’s a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific there in Long Beach. I haven’t taken The Boy there since he was about 3 years old. I saw them on the news this week advertising their Ocean Exploration exhibit. They were showing some glowing fish with bright white eyes that live in the dark. They were called Flashlight Fish. It was pretty cool.

But what I, personally want to see is the Penguin Exhibit. I love me some Penguins!

It’s better than staying home. I stayed home last weekend and even though it’s nice to sometimes just sit and stare at a wall, The Boy gets cabin fever quickly and it isn’t quite hot enough yet to get out to the non-heated pool.  I had to think of something to do this weekend, especially since it was a long weekend.


6 thoughts on “I really had nothing to talk about…

  1. I hope you don’t mind me following you. I’m interested in loosing weight also. I found you by chance. And I’m thinking about doing the same thing so my readers can follow me on my weight loss journey. Great post!

  2. the times when you push yourself to do something that you dont want to but know you should, you end up surprising yourself and having a great time.. i hope this is the case for you

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