Weekly Weigh In

So the appetite suppresant pills I’m taking REALLY work. It is Phentermine. I have to say though, it’s a bizarre feeling to not want to eat ALL the time, hungry or not. Last night, all I ate was a hamburger patty with melted cheese on it. I didn’t want anything else and actually didn’t THINK about wanting to snack.

I think the last time I felt like that was about 15 years ago, when I was on Crystal Meth for 3 days (yeah…Crystal was my drug of choice… blegh) and didn’t eat anything…stomach never growled or anything. So yeah, flashbacks much?!?

Today, along with getting the B-12 and 4 B-6 shots, I got a Lipotronic shot which is compounds that help catalyse the breakdown of fat during metabolism in the body. We’ll see how I react to those, but so far, so good for the others. I think the only “side effect” is semi insomnia as I keep waking up in the middle of the night between 1-3 a.m. but fall right back to sleep soon enough.

Today’s results…….

3 more lbs down!

Total : 10 lbs lost in 3 weeks!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In

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  2. Congrats on the weight loss, thus far! I couldn’t take phentermine (or even crystal meth, for that matter), as I am allergic to its sympathomimetic – pseudoephedrine. Sucks when I have a bad cold, believe me.

    Not to pry, but I’m fascinated that you took meth for only three days… would you mind elaborating on that, at all? Being that meth is notoriously highly addictive, I just marvel at the fact you didn’t become so. Guess the interest stems from having multiple family members who are addicts, whether from drink or drugs. If asking is too personal, I understand. Thanks. ~Alice

    • No, it wasn’t just for the 3 days. I just remember when I did it for the 3 days straight and thought it strange that I was never hungry nor felt hungry. When I was married, I did it sometimes, but never to the addictive “must have” point. The last time I did Crystal was like 15 years ago.
      In fact, I never got addicted to any kind of substance. Not alcohol, or Crystal or even smoking for that matter. I was able to quit smoking pretty much cold turkey about 10 years ago but even then I only smoked when drinking socially. I just don’t have an addictive nature.

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