This makes me wish I could ride a motorycle

I really get a kick out of how creative some people are.

Let’s talk about motorcycle helmets.  This will be refreshing for me considering the last motorcycle encounter I had included the motorcyclist flipping me off for not driving 100mph.

But back to motorcycle helmets

There is the plain helmet. These can vary in color, maybe have flames or different decals on them


I’ve seen a lot of different Mohawk variations like the one below. These can be colorful, one color or super high and spikey.multihawk__16417.1327520555.1280.1280

Some can be custom made to look super unique


Heck! Even my favorite Electronic Duo wear customized helmets, you know, to protect their identity

Daft Punk

Daft Punk

Today I saw one that I actually really liked. On the way to pick up my kid from school, just as I was passing the light to turn into the school’s driveway, I saw a woman on a motorcycle and her helmet had two red Raggedy Ann type braids sticking out of the back. I thought that was pretty neat.


Sorry this photo is awful but the light turned green and I had to snap quickly


8 thoughts on “This makes me wish I could ride a motorycle

  1. I love Daft Punk’s helmets too! LOL! And I’ve long wished a stormtrooper (Star Wars, not nazi) helmet could pass DOT muster. Or Raphael’s helmet from the 2007 CGI TMNT movie.

        • oh OH! You know what! I’ve always thought that the Imperial officers uniforms looked alot like the Nazi uniforms! I just thought it was me! I didn’t know that this was also noticed by others! Ha! You learn something every day. Although maybe I should have known that since I tend to be an hidden geek as well.

        • FYI – I just saw an HBO Documentary last night on a Philidelphia couple who helped 50 Jewish children leave Nazi Germany in 1939 and the narrator said “Stormtroopers” in reference to the Nazi soldiers many times. I can not believe I didn’t know that reference. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock! Thanks for enlightening me!

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